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October 7, 2011

Slaid Cleves

Slaid ClevesAt seven lines and a tight 19 words, the definitive Slaid Cleaves bio — written with humble but poetic economy by the artist himself — neatly sums up everything you really need to know about the man: Slaid Cleaves. Grew up in Maine. Lives in Texas. Writes songs. Makes Records. Travels around. Tries to be good.

“A sharply observant songwriter with a deep appreciation for the ageless fundamentals of folk, country, and rock... one of the country’s most compelling roots artists.”
— Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

“He phrases like a grifter trying to croon his low-down past away - and writes like he knows he never will. ‘I’ve been chasing grace but grace ain’t so easily found,’ he sings on ‘One Good Year,’ just one of many subtle, momentary stays against the dark side of his heart. That heart doesn’t bleed easily - but when it does, it bleeds true.”
— Roy Kasten, River Front TImes, St. Louis

Slaid Cleves web site: www.slaid.com

Jason Myles Goss

Opening for Slaid Cleves will be Jason Myles Goss

"Goss's musical performance was enticing; his combination of storytelling and singing lured in listeners and brought them to his own level, as if they were living the songs themselves."
— The Ithacan, Ithaca, NY

" A diamond in the rough... his talent and appeal are undeniable. If you are not convinced of this yet, just wait until you catch him live or one of his fans catches up with you."
— Pat Keating, Insite Magazine, Boston, MA

" A voice raw as whiskey and soothing as honey..."
— Metrowest Daily News, Boston, MA

Jason Myles Goss web site: www.jasonmylesgoss.com

: 8:00 pm

:  $20 in advance
              $22 at the door
              $15 seniors and students

December 9, 2011

Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams

Gandalf MurphyIn 1998 The Circus emerged from the misty hills of Sleepy Hollow, New York and exploded upon the Hudson Valley music scene with their stunning self-produced debut release, "A Good Thief Tips His Hat". The quirky quartet then began touring throughout the northeast and rapidly developed a fiercely loyal, all-ages following. Featured recently in Relix Magazine, the New York Times and on the CBS hit show, Joan of Arcadia, the band's charismatic live performances and whimsical blend of folk, rock, hillbilly and pop have simply captivated audiences and critics alike.

The music of Slambovia has been described as "Hillbilly-Floyd, folk-pop", "alt-country roots-rock, and "surreal Americana". Yet as earthy as their music seems, The Circus has a spiritual side - "Talkin' to the Buddha," "Call to the Mystic," "Living with God," "Flapjacks from the Sky". Dancing freely between existing religious and philosophical mythologies, their music is not only uplifting and empowering but fun, a lot of fun. As Woody Guthrie said: "It's not enough for a song to be good, it must be good for something." Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams ... Their music can "Heal what ails ya!

This band is at once completely original and entirely familiar. A truly magical experience even if you're just having a conversation with them. It's been a privilege to play their special brand of music on the air. All hail the Circus of Dreams!"
— Spider Glenn, Vermont Radio Personality / WNTI NJ

Gandalf Murphy is one of the funkiest folk-rock acts on the road today.  Visually unique, the Circus casts a musical spell that captivates all generations.  They will be releasing a new CD guaranteed to be another classic, like Flapjacks in the Sky. 
— Michael Conley, UnCommon Coffeehouse, Framingham, MA

Gandalf Murphy web site: http://www.slambovia.com

Share the Warmth Clothing Drive at Our December 9th concert!

The UnCommon Coffeehouse will be participating in the Share the Warmth Clothing Drive at our next concert. Please bring new or gently used winter coats or sweaters to donate.

This is clothing drive is sponsored by Golden Key in partnership with WUMB and BACHA (Boston Area Coffeehouse Association). Collected clothing is then donated to various non-profit organizations in the Greater Boston area that serve the homeless and those in need. Last year, 13 BACHA venues participated in the drive, collecting over 2,400 pounds of clothing. These donations were shared with 5 non-profit organizations.

Help us share this warmth!

Time: 8:00 pm

Tickets:  $20 in advance
              $22 at the door
              $15 seniors and students

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Long Time Courting

Long TIme CourtingTake four individually accomplished traditional musicians and singers with fresh attitudes. Combine them, and you have the rich, soaring four-part vocal arrangements and high energy dance tunes that are Long Time Courting. Bringing together the talents of Sarah Blair on fiddle/vocals, Liz Simmons on guitar/vocals, Shannon Heaton on flute/vocals, and Ariel Friedman on cello/vocals, this Boston-based band shares a love of traditional Irish, Scottish and American folk music as well as contemporary material. They bring elements of these various genres to their repertoire in a way that is seamlessly innovative, inventively arranged, and skillfully rendered.

"Long Time Courting infuses traditional ballads, jigs, and reels with fresh life and energy and vocal harmonies that are nothing short of sublime... Their rendition of “Barbara Allen” is beautiful enough to break your heart."
— Nashua Telegraph

"Maggie Dean, featuring the lilting voice and inventive phrasing of flautist Shannon Heaton, tells the story of a woman seeking work aboard a ship, traditionally a man's place. When the heartbreaking chorus enters, the women sing together "this fair maid she stole away to seek a trade" atop lush drones provided by the haunting tones of Ariel Friedman's cello and Sarah Blair's fiddle. As guitarist Liz Simmons joins Heaton with a soprano line supporting the verse, we are swept away in the story of Maggie, who proves herself to be quite able to work in a man's world.

"We're lucky to be living in an age where gender stereotypes are fading away, yet I continue to feel that music is dominated by men. Listening to Long Time Courting, I'm struck by their precision and creativity– this is not a "girl band" for the sake of being so. These women are true masters of their craft. Their driving rhythms are decidedly feminine, and I mean that in the best way. Friedman's cello becomes an alto voice or a percussive tool, the melodies are taken to a new level with the glorious playing of Heaton and Blair on flute and fiddle, respectively, and Simmons provides a deep groove with the guitar. Each woman sings beautifully, and when they all join together, the effect is tremendous. I'm a sucker for inventive harmonies, and Long Time Courting delivers every time."
— Aoife O'Donovan, vocalist and songwriter, Crooked Still

Long TIme Courting web site: www.longtimecourting.comMia Cross

Opening for Long TIme Courting will be Mia Cross and Jesse Combs

Having written and performed music together for the past two years, Mia Cross and Jesse Combs have always found a common thread in their musical interests. From Folk, Indie-Rock to Jazz, the duo has always kept an open mind while attempting serve the tradition of popular song. Mia Cross’ warm and soulful voice is complemented by the guitar playing of Jesse Combs as they perform originals, covers as well as the occasional jazz standard. Dynamic in this way, the two remain thankful and feel privileged to be able to perform their music to an audience.

Mia Cross web site: www.miacross.com

Time: 8:00 pm

Tickets:  $15 in advance
               $18 at the door
               $12 seniors and students

April 13, 2012

Vance Gilbert

Vance Gilbert"When songwriter Vance Gilbert exploded on the Boston scene, the boom was heard all over New England. News of this bold, infectious performer spread like prairie fire. No local performer in recent memory, not Tracy Chapman, not The Story, not Dar Williams – has gotten hotter faster than Gilbert…His catchy, pop friendly melodies support keenly crafted, hardhitting lyrics. His guitar is supple, his milk-warm tenor honest and gently acrobatic…he does not duck hard truths and never succumbs to the temptation to tie his points up in neat platitudes or truthisms. He writes powerfully and uncompromisingly about the wrenching separation suffered by single parents, the tug between love’s desire and it’s demands and the bitterness of being nonwhite in this Eurocentric culture…Gilbert has earned an unusually deep affection and loyalty from his fans. He is that rare performer for whom people lean forward in their seats as eagerly between songs as they do during them. These "Vance-heads" see him over and over again, always expecting to be surprised, never being disappointed."
— Boston Globe

"Well crafted and thoughtful... Gilbert took the stage, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, a whimsical sense of humor and an astonishingly smooth, pure tenor voice. But that proved to be more than enough. Gilbert’s burnished voice poured over one purling, liquid melody after another, over an accompaniment of tender arpeggios and supple chord progressions. Well crafted and thoughtful, the songs qualified as ‘folk’ only in the loosest sense."
— Chicago Tribune

"The voice of an angel, the wit of a devil, and the guitar of a god... The lyrics alone are better than almost anything else you’ve heard..."
— Fort Worth Satr-Telegram

Vance Gilbert web site: www.vancegilbert.com

: 8:00 pm

:  $17 in advance
              $20 at the door
              $15 seniors and students

May 11, 2012

Les Sampou

"Back on the roots scene after a long break, Sampou never wavers from a steady tone of genuineness as she sings sharply observant songs that she writes about disarray and failed communication in relationships. She has the ability to dramatize the sense of hurt at the heart of the characters without floundering in self-pity or weak sentiment."
— Frank John Hadley, DOWNBEAT

"Powerfully expressive, Les Sampou has been tested in the trenches of life and survived brilliantly. Her new album, "Lonesomeville,'' is a personal Top Ten favorite of the year. She invests many songs with the emotional honesty of Lucinda Williams, probing love in all of its complexity while belting the heck out of the music. She has a passionate, rockabilly-blues edge that lifts your spirits high, followed by ballads that dig into your soul like few artists can.'
— Steve Morse, Boston Globe

"Sampou’s passionate vocals are simply stunning, now ballsy and rough-edged, then purry and seductive...Sampou seems to be one of those World Famous In Boston acts we hear so little about, but if you’ve given up on Lucinda Williams. I strongly suggest you check her out."
— John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, Austin TX

Les Sampou web site: www.lessampou.com

Opening for Les will be Kate Klim

"Kate Klim might be the new Carole King. There I said it. Not just because she writes and performs her songs on the piano, but because her songs show wisdom beyond their years, drawing on experiences from her personal life, but expanding those lessons to include a broader view on the meaning of relationships and people in our lives. They're not just about her, they're about all of us, and one has to wonder, how does this kind of insight come to someone so young? Carole Kings songs have been around or years. I'm betting Kates will be too."
Crit Harmon, Producer (Martin Sexton, Mary Gauthier, Lori McKenna)

"A poignant songstress hinged on the synergy of Klim's vocals and piano. No doubt a true pianist, Klim imbues a quiet, soulful radiance that is steadfast in her chilling soprano and tight arrangement. And just when Klim cajoles listeners with her crippling fragility, she is able to shatter it, sweep the pieces under her piano bench, and crown it with a rascally wink."
Aaron Jenkins , The Mercury (Pottsville, PA)

Kate Klim web site: www.kateklim.com

Time: 8:00 pm

: $15 in advance
             $18 at the door
              $10 seniors and students

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