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November 2, 2007

Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams

Gandalf MurphyIn 1998 The Circus emerged from the misty hills of Sleepy Hollow, New York and exploded upon the Hudson Valley music scene with their stunning self-produced debut release, "A Good Thief Tips His Hat". The quirky quartet then began touring throughout the northeast and rapidly developed a fiercely loyal, all-ages following. Featured recently in Relix Magazine, the New York Times and on the CBS hit show, Joan of Arcadia, the band's charismatic live performances and whimsical blend of folk, rock, hillbilly and pop have simply captivated audiences and critics alike.

Their much celebrated new release "Flapjacks from the Sky" has garnered high praise from music writers, sparked generous activity at radio, and continues to invoke wave after wave of enthusiastic response from music fans world-wide. The music of Slambovia has been described as "Hillbilly-Floyd, folk-pop", "alt-country roots-rock, and "surreal Americana". Yet as earthy as their music seems, The Circus has a spiritual side - "Talkin' to the Buddha," "Call to the Mystic," "Living with God," "Flapjacks from the Sky". Dancing freely between existing religious and philosophical mythologies, their music is not only uplifting and empowering but fun, a lot of fun. As Woody Guthrie said: "It's not enough for a song to be good, it must be good for something." Gandalf Murphy and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams ... Their music can "Heal what ails ya!

Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams is simply one of the finest American bands out there on the road."
AllMusic Guide

"A truly remarkable record. I couldn't believe how good it is. Had they made a single, it would be hailed as a classic."
Bruce Warren, PD

This band is at once completely original and entirely familiar. A truly magical experience even if you're just having a conversation with them. It's been a privilege to play their special brand of music on the air. All hail the Circus of Dreams!"
Spider Glenn
Vermont Radio Personality/ WNTI NJ

Gandalf Murphy is one of the funkiest folk-rock acts on the road today.  Visually unique, the Circus casts a musical spell that captivates all generations.  They will be releasing a new CD guaranteed to be another classic, like Flapjacks in the Sky. 
Michael Conley
UnCommon Coffeehouse

web site: http://www.slambovia.com

November 30, 2007

Jim Infantino / Jim's Big Ego

Jim's Big Ego Perform a Google search for "the Greatest Band in the History of Recorded Music" and you will get only one result: Jim's Big Ego.

Hailing from the small New England town of Boston, Massachusetts, Jim's Big Ego has carved a unique place in the music world by rocking harder, fresher, louder, sweeter and better than everyone else.

Jim's Big Ego's secret to awesomeness is singer, songwriter, and all around super-genius, Jim Infantino. Armed with the innate ability to create songs that are more brilliant than all others in history, Infantino gives the band the gift of greatness.

Jim's Big Ego compares itself to such major players as The Great Wall of China, The Grand Canyon, Antarctica, and other things you can see from space.

While the debate still rages over whether the band's formation was a matter of divine providence or historical inevitability, one fact remains clear: if the world ended today, Jim's Big Ego would die happy knowing that they were more talented than Oasis, more popular than Terence Trent D'Arby and richer than MC Hammer.

web site: www.bigego.com

January 11, 2008

Lucy Kaplansky Ellis Paul

Fusing alternative country, roots rock and folk music, Lucy Kaplansky presents her songs with warmth, power and a gorgous, evocative voice. Blend all that musical talent with funny stories, cogent remarks, and self-effacing wit and you have a deeply satisfying night of entertainment. Raised in Chicago, Lucy began as a professional psychologist, switching courses a decade later to become a full-time
singer / songwriter.

She has worked with Nanci Griffith and Shawn Colvin and toured America and Europe on her own, as well as with Dar Williams and Richard Shindell as part of the group, Cry, Cry, Cry.

A truly gifted performer . . . strong flat-picking and a bag full of enchanting songs.
  -The New Yorker

The subtle arrangements balance alterna-country and folk rock with a bit of pop sheen, but the spotlight always stays on Kaplansky’s warm, full-bodied alto and her straightforward phrasing. 
-The Boston Phoenix

The imagery and emotion of Lucy Kaplansky’s original lyrics combine with the power and texture of her sumptuous voice to create an illuminating evening of songs that work their way deep into the heart. Fusing alternative country, roots rock, and folk music with rare style and intelligence, not to mention a truly charming stage presence. Lucy presents her thoughtful songs about the human condition with warmth and power.
— Freight & Salvage

web site: www.lucykaplansky.com

February 29, 2008

Ember Swift Ember Swift

Ember Swift is a Canadian artist and activist who performs alongside of the amazingly talented Lyndell Montgomery. Generally as a duo (and sometimes with additional players), they perform approximately 150 dates a year bringing their politically charged music to stages across Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

They have just launched their tenth release entitled "The Dirty Pulse" [Few'll Ignite Sound, 2006.] Their music (performed in both English & French) sounds like: "The bilingual love child of Paul Simon and Laurie Anderson who is being raised by Joan Jett."

Ember fronts a high-powered and extremely entertaining trio from Montreal. A show that will be a highlight of the year.

web site: www.emberswift.com

Opening for Ember Swift is Liz Moore, a native of Framingham, MA. Liz who now lives in Brooklyn, performs music in the folk/rock genre with a 'literary' aura. She has has performed at such New York institutions as the Bitter End, Postcrypt, the Knitting Factory, and the Living Room, among other venues. A graduate of Barnard College, she has played at the Hudson River Museum as a part of their Women in Music series and was selected as a “New Artist” at the three day GottaGetGon Festival in upstate New York in 2004.

This past summer she published a novel "The Words Of Every Song" (Random House) which was chosen by Borders as one of its featured "new authors" releases.

web site: www.lizmooremusic.com

May 9, 2008

John Gorka

Godfrey Daniels is one of the oldest and most venerable music institutions in eastern Pennsylvania. A small neighborhood coffeehouseJohn Gorka and listening room, it has long been a hangout for music lovers and aspiring musicians, and in the late 1970s, one of these was a young Moravian College student named John Gorka. Soon he found himself living in the club's basement and acting as resident M.C. and sound man, encountering legendary folk troubadours like Canadian singer/songwriter Stan Rogers, Eric Andersen, Tom Paxton and Claudia Schmidt. Their brand of folk-inspired acoustic music inspired him, and before long he was performing his own songs mostly as an opener for visiting acts. Soon he started traveling to New York City, where Jack Hardy's legendary Fast Folk circle (a breeding ground for many a major singer/songwriter) became a powerful source of education and encouragement. Folk meccas like Texas' Kerrville Folk Festival (where he won the New Folk Award in 1984) and Boston followed, and his stunningly soulful baritone voice and emerging songwriting began turning heads. Those who had at one time inspired him: Suzanne Vega, Bill Morrissey, Nanci Griffith, Christine Lavin, Shawn Colvin, had become his peers.
His albums and his touring (over 150 nights a year at times) brought new accolades for his craft. Rolling Stone called him "the preeminent male singer/songwriter of the new folk movement." His rich multi-faceted songs full of depth, beauty and emotion gained increasing attention from critics and audiences across the country, as well as in Europe where his tours led him through Italy, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland and Germany.

Though a long way from Godfrey Daniels, John Gorka is still honored to be a part of the folk tradition " energetic acoustic music that is not a trend, not a fad, but an expression of everyday life. After Yesterday is the embodiment of that expression " another classic release where his rich baritone voice and unique song craft weave together in a way that can only be described as "Gorka."

Gorka, a shy but ingratiating performer, is possessed of a wickedly sly sense of humor, plus a humility that is deeply genuine.  Gorka's voice, and his songs, are uniquely his.

web site: www.johngorka.comMeg Baird

Opening for John Gorka will be Meg Baird of Philadelphia. Over the years Meg has played as part of the Baird Sisters along with her sister Laura, as well as with the Philadelphia psych-folk collective, Espers. Her first solo album, Dear Companion was released in 2007. It features Baird's high, pure vocals and intricately picked guitar, the album conjures up the timeless and universal nature of the best folk music. The songs are deeply rooted in traditional song forms, from age-old British Isles ballads to Appalachian laments, as well as the 60s and 70s singer-songwriter era.

mySpace page: www.myspace.com/pennsylvaniawildlife

Time: 8:00 pm

Purchase TicketsTickets: $20 in advance
                $22 at the door
                $10 seniors and children

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